June 20, 2017

Moira - new starts and progress

Swans are now sewn together and the borders are also together.  They will go onto the quilt this evening.  Then I can figure out where I can go to baste it.  Border was made from rectangles cut at 3" by 5.5" so that they will fit evenly along the sides of the quilt (10" finished blocks).  Colors will shade all the way around the quilt similar to the blocks.

Strip sets made from all of the narrower pink scrap strips in my stash.  These have been cut down into 36 strip sets and will be ultimately combined into blocks that will be set with the two blocks below.  I'm not sure though what I want to use for a background with them.  Most of these were sewn together before work during the week.

These are two orphan blocks that a friend in Australia made and didn't fit like she wanted for a project that she was making.  So she sent them to me to have fun with.  I'll be putting them with the strings above for a cute quilt.  Need to make a couple of more hatbox blocks so that I can an even number of blocks for the quilt.

Have drawn up and am in process of making the next bear block.  This one a quilter who's working on the binding of her quilt, one of her favorite parts of quilting.  Now if only her thread wouldn't get tangled.  =)  No name for her yet.  Still to be done here is do the stitching around the "quilt" and then stitch in the thread.  Debating whether to do that by hand or by machine.  Given the kinks I drew in it, probably easier by hand.  You should be able to click on the pic to enlarge it and see where I sketched in the thread.

And I finished off this quilt top from pink scraps.  Next up one of doggies from one of the other colors of scraps in my stash.  Maybe greens or purples next.


ladyhawthorne said...

Those swans are so beautiful!
The hatboxes are cute and the quilting bear is just adorable, I think she's my favorite so far.
Your cats turned out great and I bet the dogs will too.

Cyra said...

Cats, dogs, bears, swans. I think I see a theme building up here, lol.
Again, your creativity and productiveness amazes me. I don't think you have time to sleep at night with all that you achieve in a week.