June 13, 2017

Moira - I remembered this week!

Several bits and pieces of different things worked on this past week.

First off tho, a pic of the baby quilt I sent off several wks ago and the munchkin it was for.  =)  I'm hoping to see the family in person when I make it out there later in the year.

Next up - pics showing the tote bag I'm working on for a grad gift for my niece.  She just graduated with her education degree and is looking for a teaching job.   And every teacher needs a nice tote bag to haul papers around.  =)   She likes owls hence the owl fabric for the focus print and the appliques.  The third pic below shows the fabric that will be the lining.   She was adopted as a baby from Ecuador and this is the closest that I could find to fit that part of the world (and yes I know it has Mayan pyramids on it....but it's close!).

I've also been playing around with a setting for some of the teddy bear blocks I've been making (the ones named after family members).   I'm going to go with an old-time photo album look, just need to tweak the size of the "photo corners" to allow for seam allowances.
And finally in my cleaning I've become all too aware of how many scraps I have and that I need to do something with them.  So I've pulled the pink ones out and am cutting some 4.5" squares.  I'll be recreating this paper quilt that I found a pic of on facebook in fabric.   Am cutting darker pink squares for the big cat and lighter ones for the smaller one.   Not sure what color I'm going to make the heart in yet, or if I'm even going to put it in.  Am thinking WOW for where the blue is because I have oodles of squares already cut in the right size.


ladyhawthorne said...

It always amazes me how much you do in a week. Love the cats of course and the owl bag is very cool.

Moira said...


Judy S. said...

Love your newest teddies, your future cat, and the awesome owl tote! You rock!

desertskyquilts said...

Love seeing a baby on a quilt, especially a handmade gift. You have lots of good things going on.