May 23, 2017

Susan: Another Seam and A Postcard Finished

So don't take it personally that I'm forgetting to post until late in the day. It's been that kind of life the last few months. I did get some stitching finished, though. Here's the September Postcard from Heaven, and the last one I'll do. That will give me 9 blocks for last year's CQJP.

I also did another seam on the August block:


Judy S. said...

Nice work, Susan. Late in the day is better than no post, right? I always like seeing your progress; this postcard quilt is going to be a pretty one.

Moira said...

I'm not worried about the late post - I know what that kind of day is like!

The postcard is lovely and I like how you got the 3d element in the seam that you did.

ladyhawthorne said...

I love these postcards, you always do such lovely work!