May 9, 2017

Moira: It's a new week........

Had some major dental work (implant) started last week so the sewing took a hit last week as I've been dealing with the pain afterwards.

However, I did manage to get most of the baby quilt that is overdue quilted (no picture yet for that).  And got two sample blocks finished up.   These will be bonus blocks for the Teddy Bear BOM that I'm designing and hosting this year.

There is Brianna the birthday bear.   I still need to put a candle on the birthday cake for that block.  And there is Lucy the bride bear.  Have a groom bear yet to design and make to go with her.

Debating on whether to use the same background or not.   If I do, then I have to go shopping so that I can get more of the fabric because I don't have enough left of the FQ to cut another background.  Store is on the other side of town from me but i'll be back in that area on Saturday morning for a pancake breakfast and some shopping so that would be the time to get it.  Patterns are still to come for both of these.

The final project that I got started was sketching out the pattern for my pattern in an online row-along that will be taking place in September of this year.   The pattern has to be in draft format by June and to the organizer.  Because this pattern is larger (finished size of 10" wide by 30" long) than I normally sketch up, I'm having to think a little differently for this one both in how I present the pieces and how I tell people to piece/applique it.   And it's always a good thing when something makes you think and grow.

The theme of the row-along is Christmas carols, and all of the designers have chosen a Christmas carol that is not under copyright any more.  My song is "We Three Kings".  Still to be added to the row are the three wise men which i have drawn up on separate pieces of paper.


Cyra said...

Great bears, love them all. I'm interested to see the Three Kings panel progress. It looks a fantastic project.

Judy S. said...

Love those bears! Your Three Kings project sounds so interesting; I can't wait to see it take shape.

ladyhawthorne said...

More cute bears! I love the idea for the 3 Kings panel.