May 23, 2017

Judy ~ We Have Sunshine!

Not a whole lot of inside work is happening here as the sun is out here for the third day in a row!  Evenings, I'm still working on the long neglected beaded shawl, trying hard to get the correct stitch count for the border, but  this scarf below, one of my favorite patterns for multi-colored yarn is now finished. Hopefully it won't be needed for a good long while!  It does go with our blue skies though, doesn't it?

Carpe diem!  Enjoy the sunshine wherever you are, too.


Moira said...

Love this scarf! I'm sure it is easy to make, but it looks intimidating to

ladyhawthorne said...

How pretty! Maybe someone in the southern hemisphere would use it about now, lol.

cq4fun said...

Carpe diem, indeed. Especially where sunshine can oftentimes be elusive. The scarf looks like it's having periods of sunshine, too! Very nice directional work.