May 9, 2017

Cyra ~ Christmas in July

A plain and simple crocheted baby blanket WIP. Not finished yet, but just the border to do now.
Some brainless crochet to do while sitting in the garden enjoying a glass of wine and the last of the sunny days before winter is upon us.

A Christmas Project WIP. In preparation for a Christmas in July group project. 
Everyone gets to make four of these Heart Christmas Tree decorations, and decorate them as they wish. 
I know there are only three here, but that is because my 1st one was used as the demonstration piece to show the group, and I no longer have it. 
Other members had some difficulty putting the hearts together, so I made up most of the 50+ hearts for them to embellish.
These three will have a Blanket stitch edging and beads added to decorate the crocheted tree.

My mothers bobbins untangled and sorted out nicely in the end.
Some with spangles, some without.

Happy Stitching


Judy S. said...

I LOVE hearts of any shape or kind! That blanket sure doesn't look simple to me. It's very pretty, and I like the colors you're using also.

Cyra said...

Thank Judy, I wasn't sure that the baby blanket colour would appeal to anyone as nowadays vibrant and bright colours are more popular, but I quite like these pastels together - reminds me of Neapolitan ice-cream lol.

Moira said...

the baby blanket is wonderful! Looks like a great pattern to make. Are those lace making bobbins?

ladyhawthorne said...

I love your blanket, it looks soft and comfy with a little texture to give little fingers something to feel.
The Christmas hearts are cute too!
That's a lot of bobbins, will you be making some lace next?

Cyra said...

Thanks Moira, and yes, these beautiful wooden bobbins are for lace-making. I brought them all home with me after visiting my mum in UK in 2012. They were her bobbins and she added all the spangles (beads) to the ones in the pouch, which she also made.

Cyra said...

Thank you Angela. I have used 5 pairs of these bobbins a month or two ago, to make some special lace, but I'm sorry I can't share those pics with you just yet as it has to stay a secret until early June. I couldn't bare to leave the rest of these bobbins in such a tangled mess, hence my sorting them out now. So glad I did as now I can make some more bobbin lace.