May 2, 2017

Angela ~ It's A Bumper Crop

Sorry no stitching again, but I will share my pie.  This is my first year to have blackberries and I'm having a bumper crop so I made this pie with about 3 pounds of them.  The berries are as big as the end joint of my thumb and oh so good.  This pie was super easy and super good, the topping is a crumble.  And we ate some while it was still warm.  Wish you had all been here to taste it!


Cyra said...

I wish I'd been there to taste it too. I wonder how much is left now though.

ladyhawthorne said...

We still have half after dinner tonight, it's a deep dish pie pan.

Judy S. said...

Looks yummy. Crumble crust is my absolute favorite. Our blackberries aren't even blooming yet!