April 18, 2017

Moira: Swans, swans and more swans

Lots of prep work this week, but only a few completions for a change.....

I was able to get a total of 24 blocks fused (not all are pictured below), and 7 of those are already stitched.   Have the thread for the next 7 pulled and ready to go.  Still have 25 sets of fabric (well 21 sets and 4 pieces that need a coordinate) to fuse webbing onto so I can cut the pieces out of them.

Next up was getting the borders onto a quilt top for Sunshine Quilts.  And yes, I meant it to be asymmetrical in layout.  =)

And lastly, just a wee bit of bragging.  On May 2nd volume 15 of QuiltMaker's 100 blocks by Top Designers will be out and one of my block designs is in it.

And I've finally gotten business cards ordered for my quilting business.....woohoo.....now to look at getting a tax license here in Tx (altho I haven't decided on this one) and building the business up to where I have a consistent level of business coming in.


ladyhawthorne said...

Busy as usual!, the swans are fabulous.
I love the asymmetrical quilt, the colors are great.
Congrats on being included in the book!!!!!

Judy S. said...

Your swans are amazing! Love the quilt with the dotted border, too. Oh, and congrats on being a top designer in a book no less!!!

Moira said...

Thanks for the congrats!