April 4, 2017

Moira: Lots of blocks on multiple projects

Last week I started working on updating some of my older patterns that I've had posted on my website.  This started after dealing again with lots of unusual traffic on my blog from Russia that came through my website.  So the website is offline at this point, and I"m deciding what to do with the patterns that I had up on it.  I'm not sure if I'm going to keep the website going or not because I really don't have time to maintain it like I should.

At any rate, I made new sample blocks for two applique patterns (angels), and have completed the patterns as of today.  And am working on a third one.   They should be uploaded by tomorrow.

Also made two more teddy bear blocks for that commissioned quilt.

And then started two more quilts...one a commissioned quilt featuring origami swans and one for me using some of my paternal Grandmother's hankies.  There will be 42 blocks in the quilt and each one will be a different combination of fabrics.  Fabrics for the swans is coming out of my umpteen bags of scraps.  I'm having fun pulling fabrics for the blocks.   I've got 7 blocks fused (4 stitched) and fabrics for 26 more blocks as of this morning.

This is the first block of the hankie quilt.   Still thinking about what color thread to use to stitch the hankies down with, probably will go with a white or a light grey.  The final pic shows the assortment that I'm choosing from for the blocks.  The item at the bottom right of that pic isn't actually a hankie so I'm going to use it in an appliqued dress block of some sort.   Have a couple of ideas for that.  I might make a couple of other dress blocks out of the hankies that have the crocheted corners to go with it and then put them in a diagonal row in the quilt.


ladyhawthorne said...

I love the little bear with the peaked hat! They are all so cute.
The swans are lovely as well.
And oh that hankie quilt! Mom has a pile of handmade hankies and I have some too, one day I may make a quilt with them to hang on the wall. That way we can enjoy them instead of hiding them in a cedar chest.

cq4fun said...

Busy little bee! I didn't realize you'd started the pattern updates.