April 25, 2017

Angela ~ I Really Did Use Needle & Thread!

I promise I really did use a needle with thread....just today....to repair this scrunchie.  
My thread doesn't match but I didn't have any quilting thread this brown color.  The elastic on these scrunchies gives way where the 2 ends are sewn together.  Then it is too loose to hold my hair.
So I sewed through part tightly and made a loose stitch which I sewed through several times tightly and repeated until the loose area once again had elastic that worked.
I not only use these for pony tails, I normally twist my hair into a bun and wrap it twice with a scrunchie to hold it.  It doesn't pull my hair and pins don't fall out everywhere.

So that's the extent of my sewing this week.  The garden has been calling and I've been picking blackberries, oh man, they are good.


Moira said...

We've all had weeks where we had almost no sewing! Your blackberries sound yummy!

Judy S. said...

I anchored some bows on a stitchery that my aunt did; does that count? :>) I wish it would quit raining here so we could get to work in our yard. We've had almost 45 inches since Oct., the most since 1895!

ladyhawthorne said...

Judy that most definitely counts!
Wow that's a lot of rain!

Cyra said...

Nice scrunchie. Repair, recycle, re-use. Good work ethics to live by.