March 7, 2017

Two weeks worth of stitching

I completely forgot to post here last week  (senior moments are getting more frequent, lol)  so here follows two weeks worth of stitching fun at my place.

I've been playing catch-up on my Embroidery Sampler.
I've now completed Band 7 

The background looks rather 'washed-out' on these pics, it is a much better green in real life.
And the sampler so far.

And if you are counting only 6 bands... yes you are correct. I missed one out simply because I just didn't feel like doing it, lol.

The crochet scrumbles from two weeks ago turned into a pillbox hat (or is it 'pillar box' hat?).
One of my sons suggested that I add some spike-like bits to the front top of it, then it would look like the Statue of Liberty's head piece, lol.


My Rhapsody In Blues Blanket - 12" Block #6 
Pattern is Picture Frame by Lisa Naskrent


A seahorse finger puppet. 
I designed this in response to a Scavenger Hunt request on Ravelry.

And a Catghan nonogon. Approx 16" across.
Nonogon = 9 sides
Catghan = Cat blanket or rug
(Will be donated to a cat rescue home when I have a few of them made)


On the non-stitching side of my life - we have added these girls to our paddocks.
Eenee, Meenee, Mynee & Mo

That is the sort of lawn-mower that I like best, hahaha.


ladyhawthorne said...

I'm oohing & aahing over the sampler, it's lovely.
The hat is way cool as the kids say. And all he other crochet pieces are fabulous, that sea horse is too cute.
Love the names for your sheep, they are pretty cute too.

Moira said...

You beret is really neat! and I love the finger puppet. Are you planning on using their wool in your future projects?

Cyra said...

Thanks girls. Yes Moira, I will be using the sheep wool if I can, but as they are self-shedding sheep, I will not be able to get a full fleece from them, just 'bits' that I can rescue and will use in my felting.