March 14, 2017

Sock Bunnies to Real Bunnies

Many years ago I was known for making sock bunnies. They were made with slightly fuzzy men's socks which sadly disappeared from the stores.  Everyone I knew received one at some point and I sold a great many.  They had button eyes in a variety of colors and I dressed them according to the personality or hobbies of the person it was going to.  They were all named after flowers & plants, each got a little tag with their name, meaning and number. 

I'm sorry I don't have any photos of them that are digital and all other photos are in storage.  I kept all the names & such in a book for a long time, there were over 350 of them made though I don't remember the exact number.

After that many it was probably a good thing I couldn't find those socks anymore.

So now I temporarily have this bunny:
Sadly his sibling died.
He's doubled in size and is eating about 1/2 formula and 1/2 greens.  It looks like another week will see him released into the wild.
Here's the culprit that brought him and his sibling in to me, this is her CAT TV show.  What's funny is that if the cat lays there and starts bathing, so does the bunny.


Moira said...

Aw, the bunny is awfully cute. I'll bet the sock bunnies were jenjoyed by everyone who got one.

Cyra said...

Well that certainly is a lot of sock bunnies. Good on you for keeping records of them. I admire you organizing skills.
Cute bunny.

desertskyquilts said...

That is funny! I suppose you have released by now, but how cute the bunny is. I can't imagine making 350 of anything - even cookies! LOL

ladyhawthorne said...

The bunny got released early Saturday morning in a park area that is far from traffic and other hazards. I let him out in a thicket and left him a bunch of his lettuce. Hopefully he is having a wonderful wild bunny life.