March 28, 2017

Moira - Playing with UFO's

How can it be the end of March already?   Doesn't seem like time should be marching along that fast.

My hand was being uncooperative this weekend as I worked on the binding of the heart quilt and kept going numb.   =P  I should be able to get that finished tonite (have 1 1/2 sides to go).

In between working on that and income taxes, I pulled out a set of UFO blocks and started working with them.

These blocks started with the blocks and scraps that I had leftover from a group quilt top I put together back in 2003 for an online group that I've been a part of since 1997.  I ended up making 4 more heart blocks and 3 more of the four-patch blocks.  The blocks are 9.5" unfinished.  Since taking this picture I did rearrange the layout of the hearts a little.  All the rows are pinned in groups so that when I'm able to sew them together they will be ready for me.

I love the colors and fabrics in it.  And will be 54" square without a border.  Still thinking about what I want to do for a border, if I even end up doing one for this one.   And haven't decided if I'm gong to keep this one, sell it, or donate it.


Cyra said...

Sorry your hand hasn't been behaving for you. Hope it mends very soon.
The colours on your blocks and hearts quilt are fabulous. Orange, yellow, pink and purple go together so well with the light cream background.

ladyhawthorne said...

I know what you mean about a hand going numb. I can't sew anything until at least afternoon, seems it needs to warm up like an old car.

The heart quilt is so wonderful, such great colors!

Judy S. said...

I also love that heart quilt! It's beautiful, but I'm sorry you had problems with your hands. Hope that it's all better now. I agree, March has flown by.

Moira said...

Problem with the hand is carpel tunnel aggravated by water retention. =P Some days are good, others not so much.