March 7, 2017

Moira - Foot to the pedal....

It was "foot to the pedal" all weekend as I switched gears to work on a new and different commissioned quilt.  I started off with this bunch of "found" fabric that I had made at some point in the past from some of my red scraps.

Next cut out 53 hearts for applique from them.

After fusing 40 of the hearts onto 10.5" squares of assorted white-on-white fabrics (6 different prints!), I started a satin-stitching marathon.

And after running out of the needed color thread half-way through block #21, ended up taking a much needed break to go get more thread and stitch-n-tear stabilizer.  (Going back for more stabilizer this week when it goes on sale for 50% off so I can use the additional 25% off discount coupon on top of that.)   Came home and finished off blocks 21-24.   Ended the days sewing with 24 of the needed 42 blocks being finished.

Then on Sunday I sorted through my red scraps and pulled out all of the remaining strips and chunks and sewed them together in more strip sets before church.  Resulting in this bunch of "found" fabric.

Got the wonder under ironed on before church as well.

Then I spent yesterday afternoon tracing and then cutting out 71 more hearts ranging in size from 8" to 2" tall.  Monday evening after work will be spent in making the remaining hearts.  Aim is to put the quilt together Tuesday evening and then baste it Wed. evening before my evening Bible study meeting at church (gotta make use of the tables when I can!)

Today I finished the remaining 18 blocks needed for the quilt.  Will get the top together tomorrow and basted on Wed.

I'll use the 54 extra red hearts for an American Hero quilt at some point in the future.  Or perhaps other projects.  

And in other news, I've uploaded my first pattern to Craftsy (the first block in my BOM this year, listed under Sewn to Own Creations) and a copy of it has been bought.  Not a big price on it, but it's still a sale.  Woohoo.......and four more patterns are almost done and ready to upload.  =)


Cyra said...

Love the hearts. It will be a gorgeous quilt when finished. You are so speedy on your machine.

ladyhawthorne said...

Post a link to your Etsy store if you would like!
The hearts are wonderful, what a great use for all those red scraps.