March 28, 2017

Angela ~ A Few More Hats

I found some more yarn at Goodwill, black & gray, full skeins!
So I have made a couple more hats for Hats for Vets using up the last bits of other colors I already had.  Each has a stripe or two of a bright color.  Now I'm on the last one I can make for now and it's a rather boring black gray and light brown, but perhaps a hunter may like it.

Clare had a great day about a week ago, she went to a VA clinic near where she lives in OH and they held a special event for her and promoted it.  She got to meet some wonderful vets and hear their stories and give away hats.  Most of the vets were amazed that someone wanted to give them something, especially a 15 year old girl.  It was a special day for her and them.

And we have 3 bluebonnet plants in our yard this year!  


Cyra said...

I think the hats giveaway to vets is a fabulous idea. Well done Clare, and well done you too for making so many.
Those bluebonnets are a love blue, do they smell nice too?

ladyhawthorne said...

Cyra, I can't say I can tell they have a scent. They are a kind of lupine and are the TX state flower.

Judy S. said...

Nice work on the hats, Angela! Lupine grows well here, too, but in our yard they were a home for lots of aphids.

Moira said...

Great work on the hats. =) Love the bluebonnets, I'm finally seeing them up here in the Dallas area.