February 21, 2017

Susan: CQJP2016 Finished


Close ups of final seams:

Motif 11  
Motif 11

Seam 50  
Seam 50

Seam 51  
Seam 51

Seam 50 was fun. I used Aurifil pink 12 thread for accents, a variegated Sassa Lynne for feather stitching, and tiny Delica magenta beads. I think they were these from U Bead It, my favorite bead store in the country. These were actually bought in person in Sacramento, many years ago.


ladyhawthorne said...

This one like all the others is just lovely. Beautiful colors and stitching.

Cyra said...

Woohoo, is this the last block of cqjp2016 finished now? I am rather fond of paisleys, and I love, love yours in this block. The beads look so dainty and delicate.

Judy S. said...

Beautiful stitching, Susan, as always.

Moira said...

Another lovely block. Can't believe you used pink thread on it tho.... ;-)