February 21, 2017

Moira: Lots of sewing on a holiday weekend

This weekend was a holiday weekend for me which meant I had today off, definitely enjoyed that.   I continued working on UFO's.   I put together some purple/lime and blue/lime HST's together with a WOW out of my stash to make 4-patches.   The triangles were given to me by a friend several yrs ago, but I couldn't tell you who.  

I've also found some other bits and pieces that are in the same color family that I'll put with them.   Haven't a clue tho at this point on how I'll set them.

For finishes - I finished off the next 2 teddy bear blocks.   Charles the farmer and Maria the dancer.

I designed two applique blocks to go with an orphan block that was in my stash.  Blocks are of an origami swan and crane.   All three blocks are now in a tabletopper.   I'll get that quilted at some point.

The last two things completed were getting two sets of UFO blocks bordered out to a consistent size of 15" and then together in two quilt tops for Sunshine Quilts.

This week tho there won't be much accomplished because I'll be down in Savannah GA with Susan at Quilt Con...can't wait!   Well I could skip the 4 am time that I have to leave my house to get to the airport, but that's beside the point.   I'm just hoping for good traffic on the hr long drive over there.


ladyhawthorne said...

Looks like fun projects coming up.
That dancing Maria bear is too cute.
I have never seen origami quilt pieces but they are fantastic, goes with quilting very well.
The 2 quilt tops are wonderful, I love the bold colors and designs.

Cyra said...

Busy, busy, busy. Love the bears, especially how Maria's dress is in full dancing motion.
Great finishes on the Sunshine Quilts.

Judy S. said...

Love that ballet bear! I always enjoy seeing your projects; you sure got a lot done.