February 14, 2017

Cyra ~ A productive week

Lots of projects got to spend some quality time with me during the week.

The 'Long on Colour' freeform challenge made an appearance. I think this is going to be a cowl.
Earthy and autumnal colours with a pop of black and white. 

And we had such a lovely day yesterday that I was stitching in the back garden in the shade with my kitty companion.


My BAMCAL 2017 Blues Blanket has two more 12" blocks made.

Block Four is Kaleidoscope Blossom Square by Chris Simon

Block Five is Marigold Mandala Square by Dorianna Rivelli with slight adjustments in the outer rounds as, once again, I 'do-my-own-thing'.


The Summer Brights Blanket has four more 6" blocks.

This is Window Box Granny by Lisa Mauser


The ¾" Hexagon Quilt

The darker blue has been added to the rosettes, and lots of yellows prepared ready for attaching.


Weaving Project- My Garden, panel 2.

This panel starts with a band of regular weaving at the bottom which is the same yarn as Panel 1, and then gradually incorporates freeform weaving as it progresses. 
Multiple weaving styles and texture will be added to this.

So that was my week. Very productive, and I even got to empty and clean out the fish pond (as the two last fish in there disappeared last weekend, probably to a kingfisher or new stray cat that I've seen hanging around).


Moira said...

Wow, lots of progress on a variety of projects. Love the colors in the weavign project. I'll be looking forward to seeing what kind of freeform things you add into it.

Cyra said...

Thanks Moira

ladyhawthorne said...

I always enjoy your freeform creations and this one is no exception. Gotta love those beautiful days and a kitty companion.
And its nice to have several projects going so you can never get bored!

cq4fun said...

Wow, you've been doing a little bit of everything! Your crochet inspires me. I came SO close to buying some lovely Caron yarn today at JoAnn's. It was on sale! LOL At the last minute, I put it back and firmly told myself I do not have time to start anything new right now!

Judy S. said...

You've really been busy with some very nice projects. Love that blue blanket!