February 21, 2017

Angela ~ No Stitching Again

Sorry to report there has been no stitching again.  We have been having a warm a spell and I have been busy in the garden.  I moved a raised bed to a better location, that meant digging out 15 large bags of soil, moving the thing about 20 feet and then refilling it, not to mention smoothing out the ground where it use to be.  That took almost a week.
This is what it looked like a year ago, its green now no potatoes this year, the beds are 3' x 8' and 32" tall.

Today I severely cut back the wisteria that has overgrown itself and was partly dead.  I literally cut off 90% of it.  It really needs a trellis or arbor but its in a weird part of the yard for that, I have no idea who planted it there.

Onions garlic and beets have been planted, all doing well so far.  Fruit trees are budding which is not good because we will probably get more freezes.

I have made a couple more Hats for Vets, I will save them up till I have a bunch to mail again.  It looks like all the ones Clare has made and received so far will be delivered to patients at a VA Hospital near her.  I'm going slowly on this next batch since I sprained my right thumb.  I can't not use it so it is taking time to heal.


Cyra said...

Great job in the garden, hard work, but worth it in the end. Take it easy on the thumb, hope it mends soon.

Judy S. said...

Hard to ignore the garden, isn't it? And that reminds me I need to prune the roses as it's that time of year here.

Moira said...

Garden looks lovely! I don't blame you for being outside and working in it instead of sewing.