January 10, 2017

Moira: Lots going on

This past week has been a busy one.  Finally got the boxes in my fabric room rearranged so that I can move around in there on Saturday and get to things....woohoo.....lol.    And in doing so was reminded about how much clothing fabric I have and how much of it I'll probably never use (I'm ignoring how much quilting fabric I have at this point!).  So the first thing in there that I need to go through and downsize drastically is the clothing fabric stash.   I've done that before, but it needs to be done again.  I know I want some of it (pants fabric and fabric for totes, especially), but the blouse fabrics I really don't need since I don't wear anything but knit tops these days.

 I've also got three boxes of patterns that need to be realistically weeded out and downsized.......since I'm not likely to do that much sewing of clothing again even if I can lose the weight that I need to lose.
 Then yesterday when I woke up at 3:30 am for the third time I pulled out a set of old swap blocks (from 2006) and started putting them together.  This is half of the first top (center part only).   Finished the center part of the top last night but don't have a pic of it.   Will be adding two borders -- an inner one of black Kona, and then a multicolor print (yet to be picked) for the outer border.  Might use the zebra print shown in the pic below.

I've got 11 blocks left and I'm thinking about layouts for them.   Currently thinking about the layout below with the zebra fabric.

The final project that I've made progress on is my challenge quilt. The riverbed is now fused down along the edges (center is not fused to reduce stiffness).  3-D boulders have been made and sewn on.   I've written many things onto the riverbed of things that either go by the wayside when buried under debt (at the bottom of the quilt) or things that can be a problem (at the top).   Once the water is added to this you'll only really be able to see the words down at the bottom of the quilt.    I've also started quilting the background fabric (green batik) using the ferns in the print as a guide.  Am about 25% done on the right hand side.   Lots more to go there.


ladyhawthorne said...

I hear you on the fabric thing, I had to do that when I moved 3 years ago and probably need to do it again. I really don't enjoy making clothes.

Love the hearts, and I like the zebra print with them as well.

The challenge quilt looks like a great project!

Cyra said...

Your fabric room looks a bit like my craft room, e.g. FULL, lol.
I think I've got that same zebra print somewhere too, it looks great with your blocks.
What a great challenge quilt idea you have started.

Moira said...

I had 5 pieces of that zebra print in my stash! Had to cut up 2 of them to get what I needed for the quilt because I was picky enough to want the stripes all going the same way.

Judy S. said...

Love, love those hearts! it sure is hard to whittle down the stash; my fabric is pretty much under control, but oh, the yarn. It's everywhere!