January 24, 2017

Moira: Finishing off UFO's

This month I chose to work on putting together some of the many RWB blocks that I've collected over the last few years.   Some of them were from an online swap I've been in this past year and others were sample blocks that I made up as I worked on my pattern designs.   The final blocks that went into it were some flag blocks that I made to use up some extra pp'd pattern sections from a long-ago finished quilt.

 The top finishes out at 60" by 80" or so and will be going to American Heroes this year.  For me this is complete because they will have someone else quilt it.

Next up was putting a wee bit of trim onto a couple of plain t-shirts.   The shirts had sat around for about 6 months waiting for me to get to them.  All that for about 15 minutes of hunting thru the trim stash for something that would work and 5 minutes worth of work to sew it on.

I also completed a tote bag from Home Dec fabric I've had in my stash for several yrs this past  weekend.   there is a pocket inside made from the same checked fabric that the handles are made from.  This will go in my stash of items for gifts or to be sold at some point.

Also finished off this week were the swap blocks for January.  They will be headed off to the Netherlands this week.


Cyra said...

Phew, you again exhaust me with all of your lovely projects.

cq4fun said...

I don't know. That tote could hold a lot of fabric from ... QuiltCON! Not that we know anyone going there, of course.

ladyhawthorne said...

I just love your American Hero quilts, what a great way to say thanks to a veteran.
Love the quilt blocks, my fav is the center one.
Yup, you exhaust me too.