January 3, 2017

Moira - finishes and a start

I've managed to finish off two blocks this new year.    And have finally started working on my quilt for the annual art quilt challenge that I've been taking part in for over 15 yrs now.

Finished block for the F2F swap -

Block for submission for publication (mailed out today) -

Challenge quilt fabrics -  (you can read more about it here - http://quiltedsnail.blogspot.com/2017/01/stretching.html

As for the sewing with the church group - it was a bust for me, couldn't find the power cord to my second machine and forgot the power cord/foot to the one I took.   Argh............  However, there were lots of other machines there, and 25 dresses are in various stages of completion for girls in Africa.


ladyhawthorne said...

I love love love that 2nd block.

Moira said...

Thank you!

Cyra said...

Lovely blocks. Good luck with your challenge quilt. It sounds very interesting, and I like your plan.