January 17, 2017

Judy ~ Another Week, Another Tuesday!

I lost a week thanks to a "bug" from the grands.  The plus side is that I've been knitting . (And little else, oh yeah, reading, too.) One of my resolutions is to pare down the stash, and so far, I've been good.

I finished this aging WIP.  The pattern is fun and a little bit challenging; the yarn has been discontinued, but I found some other colors in my stash so will probably make these again now that I've figured out the stitch.

It's definitely been mitts weather here, but these are part of a trio requested by DD#1 for the texters in her family.  (The blue on the right mitt is more true for some reason.)

 I can't find this free pattern on Ravelry, but this link should work. I've made the mitts twice and the hat once.  They are long and surprisingly cozy.

What do you give someone who's birthday is right after Christmas?  I found a pattern for slippers using Top This hat yarn.  Somewhere on line I read that you should use puffy fabric paint to make them less slippery, so that's what I did. It dawned on me that I could write the birthday boy's name on the bottom of each slipper, so hopefully it will work!  The newest TH choices, including this one, are supposed to glow in the dark, but that's yet to be proven.

I'm saving my last finish for another post.  Have a productive week.


Moira said...

the mitts are beautiful! And I love the slippers you made for your grandson. =)

ladyhawthorne said...

Wow you have been productive. The mitts are all lovely and the slippers so cute. I'm sure they will all be well used!

Cyra said...

A lot of warm and cozy hands and feet after your marathon of using up your stash. Love the personalized soles.