January 31, 2017

Angela ~ No Sewing, I've Been Outside!

No sewing for me this week.  I've mostly been outside as we have had nice warm weather, 78 degrees today!  I have been working on rain barrels, painting them and getting them hooked together.  That entailed hauling a yard of sewer rock and cement blocks as well as setting everything up.  So I now have five 55 gallon barrels set up (3 are already full from the rain we got) and I have 2 more to set up tomorrow.  Dad has to reroute the washing machine drainpipe first.

I'm also hoping to get some onions in the garden this week, actually I already have one that I found popped up, from where I have no idea as there was never onions in that bed.  Lots more to do, I'll post a photo or 2 next week.

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Moira said...

Being outside sounds great! Enjoy your time in teh garden.