December 6, 2016

Susan: Nada por mi

I keep forgetting it's Tuesday, but worse, if I remembered I still wouldn't have anything to post. Through November I did almost nothing. I've sewn a few blocks in December, but I haven't stitched anything. Maybe later this week, and then there will be something to show next week. I think mid-October was the last post I did! I did get the next cq block ready for stitching, and I don't see that I posted it, so I guess there is something after all..

Maybe there will be a Pam Kellogg seam on here next week. Maybe not.


Moira said...

Beautiful work as the verse.

ladyhawthorne said...

I love the image on this block. I think we have all been busy so don't stress.

Judy S. said...

Nice work, Susan. Nothing for me though. I forgot it was Tuesday, and when I remembered it was too late. Sigh.

Cyra said...

Tuesday? Did I miss another Tuesday, lol. I think we are all overworked at this time of year and need a holiday somewhere quiet and sunny to recover. Oh yeah! I am somewhere quiet and sunny, haha, so I should not need an excuse.
Love that block, and verse, and I'm looking forward to seeing a PK on there, and doing some myself soon too I hope.
If I had remembered that it was Tuesday, I would have been able to show a couple of finishes. I completed my Christmassy Cat decoration, and finished two doily's. I hope I remember to post here next week.