December 6, 2016

Moira: a couple of finishes

Had a great trip to Phoenix.   Was able to see a lot of friends, but missed seeing others.   Hopefully will get to see them next visit.

Did get a couple of things accomplished this past week.   I finally got the runner for the front hall sewn.  Unfortunately it is about 6 ft too short, but it is what it is until I get something else that will be longer.

And I got the top to the current commissioned quilt together.   Will be pin-basting it on Thursday and then I'm planning a quilting marathon for the weekend (will start on Friday after work).   It has to be back out in TN before Christmas.  

Next up are three quilted tea cozies and an appliqued sweatshirt for Christmas gifts.   One of the cozies is in process now.

Have two commissioned quilts coming up as well.  First one will be a queen-sized quilt.  It will have pieced and machine appliqued blocks.   Focus fabric in the pieced blocks  is shown below.  Layout for the new quilt is below.   Appliqued blocks have the red B shown in the layout on my whiteboard.
Also have someone who wants me to make a king-sized t-shirt quilt for them.   The appliques will be along the lines of what is in the focus fabric.  Will need to draw all of them up.

And I'm thinking that to make life a lot easier for myself, I may try to find a store around here that has a long-arm that they rent out.   Both of these commissioned quilts would be a whole lot easier if I did them on a long arm.


ladyhawthorne said...

What a nice runner, what kind of fabric is it made from?

The t shirt quilt is fabulous, I still love the shirt & tie in the center.

Cute bears, I hope you find that rental long arm!

cq4fun said...

Put the runner closer to the door so by the time you walk off the other end, there's not much dirt left to track. LOL It looks good anyway. Hope you can find some place to rent a longarm. Yes, if you're going to be doing commissioned quilts a lot, you need to be able to quilt them that way! Holli's quilt looks fabulous!

Judy S. said...

Love that t-shirt quilt; it turned out great! We were gone over the weekend, and I didn't get around to posting my finishes.

Moira said...

the runner is made from upholstery fabric. Got it off the clearance table at Joann's. =)

Did find a shop here that does rent out time on their longarm. Only problem tho is that they require you take a $150 class on how to use it first, and then it's $20/hr to use it. =P So the price makes it all out of my price range. I may have to break down and get taht smaller frame sooner than I had planned on.

Cyra said...

You have been so busy again I see. Great idea for the hall runner, but I hope you find a longer piece of upholstery fabric and keep this one for another spot in the house.
Great progress on the t-shirt quilt. Looking good.
Love that bear fabri, lol, I'm rather partial to bears.