December 13, 2016

Moira: busy, busy, busy.......

Almost done quilting the t-shirt quilt.   Just have the tie blocks to get finished tonite.  Would have done that last night, but supper didn't agree with me and I ended up going to bed early instead of sewing.  =(  Still need quite a bit of quilting over the tie sections so that they don't pull out when it is used.  Will have this finished this week, would love to have it back in the mail Friday but don't know if I can pull that off or not.

Next pic is of a little cross stitch piece I made while in Phoenix at Thanksgiving.   It will end up either in a quilted postcard or a mug rug.

Next three pics are of completed Christmas gifts.  Have two sets of snack mats and tea cozies finished up and an appliqued sweatshirt.

Still need one more snack mat/tea cozy set.   Pic of fabrics and completed mat that I'm thinking of is at the very bottom.   Both the fabric and the mat work for my niece, but I'm not sold on them all together.   At this point I may be either making a new snack mat, or finding fabric that goes better with it......can't decide.   What do you think of the combo?


ladyhawthorne said...

The quilt is fabulous and will be much loved, I'm sure.
Great snack mat sets, these are such a great idea, anyone can use them!
I'm thinking the butterflies are just too light and airy to go with the pieced block, but if the pieced one is a separate item, go ahead with them, they sure are pretty!

Judy S. said...

I hear you! I'm running around like a crazy person wondering how come I didn't start earlier when I actually thought I did. Next year, I think I'll start stashing things away beginning in January.

Judy S. said...


Your projects are wonderful!

Moira said...

Judy - the only reason I'm not going crazy with gifts at this point is because I got so many done during the summer and earlier in the year!

Cyra said...

Lots of lovely projects again Moira.
Hope you are feeling better now.