December 13, 2016

Maybe It's Time For A Small Change?

I've been thinking that maybe it is time for a small change to the blog.  What if we do away with the reveal schedule?  You can post when ever you like on the Tuesday.  Would that make things easier for you?  You can still schedule posts even days ahead if you wish.

I don't know about you but I check in a couple times on Tuesday and Wednesday to catch any late posters.  And I am usually reading several posts that are already up.  It's not like we have 27 people posting and I don't think it would matter if we did.  Everyone gets their post seen and commented on.

So tell me what you think!!!!!! 


Suztats said...

Hi Angela,
Sorry I haven't been posting of late as I've been ill- my autoimmune stuff and then a bad bout of bronchitis. Everyone has great projects this week! As regards a change of pace, I've decided not to continue with blogging for the time being ( I haven't been posting on my own blog either) as I try to eliminate as much stress as possible. Hopefully this will help my AI flares to subside and I can concentrate on getting well.
I wish everyone continued success, and hope you and yours have a Blessed Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!

Moira said...

I like that idea Angela.....

Cyra said...

I actually like the routine of a regular posting time because it helps to motivate me to get some stitching done in time for posting.

ladyhawthorne said...

Tell you what, we'll leave the schedule up but it will be no problem if someone posts at a different time.