December 13, 2016

Angela ~ A Christmas Project

You may remember that last year I sent my nephew framed pictures of people in our family that were in the military.  Josiah is in the Air Force and has a military wall of fame at his house.

This year he gets one last one from me, my mother's father.
This shadow box has another outer frame which holds the glass.  The border is actually a deep blue.

Papa was born in 1895 and served in WWI.  The buttons on the left came from his uniforms, the oval picture is a copy of one taken while he was in Germany, the ring below is his AEF signet ring (American Expeditionary Forces).  There is one more item to go in the shadowbox and that is his compass which will hang on the little map pin beside the ring.  I used a very old 48 star flag portion as the background, you can see it is literally shredding.

During WWII he served as a fireman and a policeman at Oak Ridge, TN where they made part of the Atom Bomb.  The vertical photo is him in uniform there.  At the same time he served in the TN State Guard as a sergeant and the lower right photo is him at a camp during that time.  The buttons on the right are uniform buttons from this time period.

So no sewing but a lot of cutting and gluing and such.


Judy S. said...

What a great idea. It's wonderful that you are preserving your family's history!

Moira said...

that is a wonderful shadowbox!

Cyra said...

Love the shadow box. What a great way to display family members.