November 8, 2016

Judy ~ Some Finishes At Last!

Good Morning!  Finally I have some new finishes, and they aren't all cowls.  First, this pair of socks is done at last. It's Hermione's Everyday Socks pattern in Cascade Panda Silk Prints Spice Market. For some reason sock #2 always takes me forever, but I did it.

And you guessed right, the rest are Interrupted Cowls:

If you need a quick pattern and you have the yarn (Bamboo Bloom), give this a try!  None of mine have turned out as large as the one pictured in the pattern photo, but they are cosy.
Have a good week!


Moira said...

All so pretty. Love the yarns that you work with!

Suztats said...

The socks look good. Love the cowl colours!

ladyhawthorne said...

Such pretty socks with lovely colors.

I love the cowls and how each one is different, what fun yarn to work with.