November 22, 2016

Cyra ~ Hey Ho Finally Got Here

I can't believe so many weeks have passed and I didn't get to blog about anything.
It has been a long month (nearly two months to be precise).
I'll not bore you with details of the non-stitching stuff
(because, frankly, it WAS really, really boring stuff).

I'm happy to have finished this Freeform Weaving project.
Inspiration from my garden.
Size is about 22" x 15".
Includes freeform crochet scrumbles.


I also finished the baby blanket and have sent that off.

This was the blanket that someone else started but passed away before finishing it.
The 'trouble' was that all her circles were different sizes, and it's nearly impossible to put circles together with a straight edge.
Anyway, I think I managed to make a reasonable blanket for the new grandchild of the deceased lady, even if it does have uneven edges and quite a few 'hills & valleys'.
It has plenty of character, definitely not perfect, and holds many of life's little hiccups within it's essence. It will be treasured for all the right reasons though.


I have actually finally got my Ocean Freeform Challenge piece bordered, backed, quilted and hanging properly.


I attended a craft workshop at one of my local groups.
We made these mixed media canvas pieces.

This blue one is my piece.


And I finished a circle weaving project using a home-made recycled plastic bowl for a loom.


So, that's me..... finally caught up with blogging about my makes and creations.


cq4fun said...

What a lot of lovely goodness you've shared! The baby blanket is precious and will be a nice heirloom, too. The freeform pieces are so interesting, including your blue piece.

ladyhawthorne said...

Wow, you have really been busy! Love the freeform weaving, so interesting to look at and lovely colors.

I bet the family that received the circle blanket is thrilled. What a wonderful memory blanket.

You were definitely in a seashore mode with the wallhanging and the canvas pieces, both are beautiful.

The circle weaving looks like it was a lot of fun. I've seen photos of some large ones made on hula hoops, pretty cool.

Suztats said...

Wow! What wonderful creations! I love your free-form pieces, and I'm sure the baby blanket will be cherished.

Moira said...

Wow.....lots of work completed! I love, love, love the garden free-form weaving. It really is spectacular.

Cyra said...

I thank you all for the nice comments.