October 18, 2016

All the stitching is finished on the June block. I still want to do a little beading on it, but that won't take long. I need to work on the Postcards from Heaven for July and August so I can get a couple more blocks made, though.

Seam 43 was made with doodling from one of the templates from Sharon Boggan's 2nd set of templates. They are still available, along with set 1, but not until she comes home in December. I find I use set 1 more often, but there are things I really like in set 2 also. I still use Carole Samples's templates the most, but those aren't available any more. This stitching is done in Aurifil 12 cotton threads, though the pinks are all DMC Floss I happened to have lying around. I almost never use DMC, but I was feeling too lazy to get up and get something else.


Seam 44 was a reversion to one of my favorite seams to do with Carole's middle sized wavy template. It is one that still needs beading. This thread is my favorite Sassa Lynne fine perle, about an 8.


And now a picture of the whole block, though it truly isn't a good picture. It's dark and late and my lighting isn't great. I'll get one in better focus in the daytime soon.


On Blogspot, you probably can't enlarge these WP pictures.


ladyhawthorne said...

Actually you can enlarge the photos. Nicely done, the block is lovely!

Suztats said...

Congrats on finishing another beautiful block! Love seam #43.

Cyra said...

Oooh, lovely stitching. What a great block it turned out to be. I bet you are very pleased with how these blocks are coming together. A very nice theme connecting them all.

Judy S. said...

Very pretty, Susan! How many of these blocs are there altogether? Will they be a quilt?

Moira said...

Love it!

desertskyquilts said...

Oh, yes, I forgot that clicking on the pic would take you to WordPress because I just copied the WordPress links! =) Glad you could see the details. There are twelve blocks, because I'm using the Postcards From Heaven that Jenny of Elefantz and Allie-Ooops are doing this year. I have traced 7, 8 and 9 onto the fabric and will be working on stitching them, then sewing them into blocks to embellish. I don't think I'll be caught up by the first of the year, but I'm not doing the CQJP next year - I have too many to finish from the first five years.