September 6, 2016

Susan: Tiny Bit

I'm sorry, I simply can NOT keep track of days most of the time any more! But I do have a little to report. I'm sort of leaving May as it is until I put them together.

First seam on June, not finished:

Some progress on Hexathon, block 4:

And I did finish the second Emperor's Wives block:


Cyra said...

I'm a sucker for hexagon quilts - love the colours and shades on yours.
The May block looks gorgeous, and that is a good start on June's block, and interesting pattern.

ladyhawthorne said...

You know, all the lavender in the May block is perfect to go along with the verse. Lavender promotes sweet sleep.
Good start on June and the Hexathon block has a perfect color combination. I made a similar kind of baby quilt once, it was hard to keep the pattern going the right way.

Suztats said...

I love the turquoise in the hex block, and your May block looks like a happy spring. Nice stitching.

Judy S. said...

Nice work, Susan! Love that hex block; the 3-D effect works perfectly! Neat back ground, too. And you know I always love your stitching. I've been slogging away on a sweater.

Moira said...

Great work!

cq4fun said...

Thanks for all your kind comments. I hadn't thought about the lavender in the May block, but you are absolutely right. It seemed to need a lot of lavender. LOL This first seam will be better looking when I finish it. It was inspired by something I saw somewhere and I couldn't tell you what now. Someone else's seam, but I look at so many! Anyway, it's different now. You know me!

The hexagon block is one of Barbara Brackman's and I'm using a lot of batiks from two different layer cakes. It's really fun, but this might be in spite of the number of pieces, my favorite one so far. She put up one, #17, I think, that I know I won't be doing. Might have to make a second one of these!