September 6, 2016

Moira: Three weeks down

Hard to believe I've been here and worked 3 wks already.   Time flies the older you get for sure.   Loved having the three-day weekend.   Took two days of it to do a wee bit more row-hopping and to visit long-time (30 yrs!) friends in Austin.   It was a nice time away in spite of the traffic in Austin.

Stitching wise - I did finish the final details of the cross-stitch owl.   Once I find the right tote I'll be able to find the fabric that goes with it and make the snack mat out of it that I have planned and that is to be a Christmas gift this year.

Made more progress on the contest quilt top.   One more row of sashing and one of blocks/sashing are now together and added to the top.   I've also remade the two sections of the sashing that are two light to show up in pictures thx to finding some fairy frost fabrics on my trip this weekend.

Gettign the final rows of sashing and blocks together and added to the top are on the to-do list this week.   Also have to figure out where I'm going to pin baste it so I can start quilting it.   Don't have a lot of time to finish it.


desertskyquilts said...

Good luck with that pin basting! I hate that. I've switched to Sullivan's 505 instead, but you still have to have a place to do it. Cute owl!

Cyra said...

Oh yes, love the progress on the quilt top. Will be a stunner for sure when finished with the quilting bit.
A very happy looking owl, cute design, love the buttons.

ladyhawthorne said...

Now that's a cute owl! He looks pretty happy too.

I love this quilt top for all it's pretty colors and designs.

Suztats said...

Love the owl! Your quilt top is filled with happy colours and designs.

Judy S. said...

Moira, you are amazingly productive! I love the owl, and it's making me realize I have a couple of X-stitch projects waiting for me to get back to them. Where does the time go? I'm convinced that somebody put the calendar and clock on fast forward!

Moira said...

Judy - I think that clock only works on fast forward! At least that is what it seems like to me since I've been here almost 4 weeks already. Not sure where the time has gone.