September 20, 2016

Moira - sewing

More scrappy goodness was had this week.   Finished off 3 more sashing/fill-in blocks using the leftover pp'd pattern sections from a previously used pattern.   The Gold HST is one that just needed to be trimmed to size to be usable.
The pp'd block patterns have come from this pattern.   I made the quilt on the cover for my bed and I've used it for years now.   Susan quilted it for me when I made it. There were a large variety of block patterns left over.  I'm looking forward to getting them used up and then into quilts for American Heros.   
Designed another new block and made a sample of it.  This one I called "Southwest Fan" because the red in the middle reminds me of the stylized sun you see in New Mexico, and someone at work told me that the basic block looked like a fan to her (she saw a sketch on my white board).  This sample will end up in one of the remaining 3 American Hero quilts that I have planned for this year.

(Planned as I'm going to make them....not planned as I know how they will end up looking like.)
Did finish up my first quilt top since moving back to the Dallas area.   For this one I used 17 of the scrappy flag blocks that I had made over the course of several years.  The striped sections were the border sections for the pp'd pattern above.   I used the pp'd pattern sections to piece the stripes and then added the blue fabric on the left to make the flag blocks.   The blocks were supposedly trimmed to the same size as I finished them.....but don't believe it!  I ended up having to trim a number of them because there was one that was 1/2" smaller in the width.  

This quilt gave me fits all the way through putting it together........and I finally just said enough is enough when I couldn't get the sides to come out the same length.  I'll let whoever quilts it figure it out.  =)

My next project is 4 pillows made from t-shirts for a silent auction item for my 40th HS reunion in  a couple of weeks.   Interfacing was ironed onto the fronts/backs this morning and I'll cut everything to size this evening.   Will then start sewing Kona cotton on to bring them up to size and put the pillows covers together.    Thankfully I had 60% off coupons for the pillow forms so that helps on how much it will cost for the donation.   And a friend supplied the shirts and hats (which I'm still trying to figure out how to use in the pillows!).


cq4fun said...

It's actually comforting to know that your quilt had problems. LOL It seems like nothing is going well for me still. I like the border you chose, though.

ladyhawthorne said...

The southwest fan is wonderful and so is the flag quilt top. Cute idea for the auction, let us know if you figure out what to do with the hats!

Suztats said...

Wow, lots of quilty goodness on your work table this week! I've had the same problem with CQ blocks not fitting, and found it very frustrating. Nice finishes, and great projects in the works.