September 13, 2016

Moira - scrappy blocks .....

Managed to get a little designing in this week and a couple of blocks made.    Both of these will eventually end up in quilts that will go to American Heros.   Have a couple of more designs that I need to get samples made of so that I can make sure the designs will work.

Progress has been made around here as well thanks to friends and their teenaged sons.   All the boxes I needed moved out to the storage room and I now have a downstairs that looks much better.   Will take more pics once I've finished arranging things here.

And Friday I'm headed to the hematologist here to see what my platelets are doing.  


ladyhawthorne said...

Glad to hear the settling in is going so well.
This is a beautiful block and I know it will be appreciated.

Suztats said...

Love the stripes. Looking forward to photos once all is fully arranged. Fingers crossed for good results.

Cyra said...

Glad to hear things are getting sorted re the unpacking, and great to have some help with the boxes.
AH blocks are looking good. I look forward to seeing the next parts to go with them.
Good luck for Friday, hoping your platelets are behaving themselves and doing what they are meant to be doing.

desertskyquilts said...

I'm trying to think of blocks that will go with yours. =)