September 13, 2016

Cyra - Weaving of New Leaf project

Last week I told you about the New Leaf project that was in the very early planning stage.
Now progress has been made.
Part one of this project was from my 'grab box' of yarns, all the reds, pinks, yellows and orange colours .
This is a flurry of petals that my muse told me to make.

There will be more petals and flowers for part one, but I have progressed to part two now, which meant warping up my RHL and having some fun with the 'greenery' of my flower garden.

When my hubby saw this weaving, he said it looked a very nice landscape in the making.
That confused me because, until then, I had 'seen' it as a birds-eye view of a flower garden, but without the flowers.
My muse did not know what 'picture' in my head it was meant to be creating. So I added some of my flowers to show me the way.
Now I'm a lot happier and can continue this way adding flower petals and leaves.

And here are some more flowers created today. They may make it into my garden, or they may not. Time, and muse, will tell.

p.s. After seeing my husbands landscape 'appear' in my weaving, I may go on to create that scene at a later date. Watch this space.

Happy Stitching.


Suztats said...

Love the flowers and your landscape background. Interested in seeing this progress.

ladyhawthorne said...

Oh my! those flowers are all beautiful.
And the weaving looks really fun. I used to do crafty weavings and really enjoyed it.

Moira said...

Looks so interesting! I really like how it is looking.

desertskyquilts said...

That's really cool, both as a garden and a landscape. I couldn't understand how you were going to attach the flowers, but seeing them on, it becomes clear. It reminds me of a landscape artist's view.