August 30, 2016

Moira: slow progress

No progress in setting the fabric room to rights this past week.   Just didn't feel up to working on it or much of anything.   Managed to sleep through a good part of the weekend and that is something I just don't do unless I'm sick.  I think things just finally caught up to me and the body said enough is enough.

But I did manage to get a couple more rows sewn together for my contest quilt and a couple of new block patterns designed and tested.

Hoping to get the quilt together this coming weekend so I can start quilting it.  But first tho I'm going to need to fix my boo-boo with two of the sashing pieces.  (Can you find where I went wrong?)

And I still need to remake two of the sashing sections with colors that can actually be seen in pics (the yellow at the top and the light green at the bottom).   Since this is a contest that is 'won' based on voting by people on FB, everything has to be seen in a picture.   Hence the need to replace the two colors.

The two test blocks I made will end up in an American Hero quilt at some point this year.

Am off to Austin this weekend to do some row-by-row hopping and see friends.   Am also hoping to be able to see family as well.  So I don't know how much I'll get done over the long weekend.

Hard to believe tho that I've been where I am now for more than 2 wks.   Time marches on!


ladyhawthorne said...

Found the boo boo! It will be gorgeous and I think you are sure to win.
Enjoy your time with friends & family.

Cyra said...

I actually found 3 boo-hoo's with the 'upside-down arrows, so double check before sewing them together again. One of them hasn't been sewn on yet and just needs to turn around to be right.

Suztats said...

I'm glad you had a restful weekend, and hope you enjoy your long weekend visits. I found a boo-boo, but a flip should fix it. Nice test blocks.

Judy S. said...

Enjoy the long weekend with friends and family! Love that quilt! It's going to be a beauty.

Moira said...

Hmmmm, I'll have to go look at the ones that are unsewn - thanks for the hint Cyra!

Cyra said...

The red/orange one - top right.

cq4fun said...

Have a great weekend in and around Austin. Wish I were there!

Moira said...

I wish you were here as well Susan! We'd have a blast down there together.

Cyra - Thanks for the location. I looked at the blocks last nite at home and still missed that one. Will flip it when I get home.