August 9, 2016

Moira: On the Road

By the time this posts I'll be on the road and headed towards Texas and all that is down there.   My dad will be driving the moving van for me and my mom will be riding with him.  Don't know yet what my car will look like, but I think at the time that I'm writing this, it'll actually be less crowded than previous moves have been.  And that says that I actually did make a dent in what I have as i've been downsizing and getting rid of stuff......YEAH!  

One of the biggest things accomplished this week, was to get a lease application in the first part of the week and it was approved.   Deposit has been mailed off, and the lease has been electronically signed.  =)  And I get the keys to the place on Friday the 12th....woohoo.........I'll have a roof over my head!

In between finishing up the packing and most of everything needed around here I did get some sewing in this week.   Finished up 4 snack mat tops first this week.  All started with a piece of cross-stitch.

I also completed the pieced sashing units for my Modern Block Quilt contest entry.   Am thinking about redoing the yellow ones tho because the yellow kinda blends into the background fabric and that really isn't the look that I want for the setting.  Each set as shown is a different color, all of which have beein used in one or more of the 12 blocks that I made.  

And yes I know what they ended up looking like - totally unintentally........however, I do admit thinking about how I could spin the look into a fun title for the finished quilt.   I'll start putting the top together once I get to TX and can sew again.


ladyhawthorne said...

Have a safe journey and welcome to Texas!

Barbara Curiel said...

It sounds like you've got the moving thing down to a science. Good luck settling in your new place. Your mug rugs are so nice, especially the fox one, The is a great way to use your cross stitch pieces.

Suztats said...

I can't believe all the sewing you accomplished this week, what with packing and being on the road moving! Pretty x-stitched pieces on the snack mat tops. Looking forward to seeing the quilt top all together.

Judy S. said...

Very cute x-stitch projects! Have a good move, too! It sounds like technology can be pretty helpful in that regard. Glad you have a place ot "land"!

Cyra said...

I don't know how you manage to do all that you manage to do.
Love the snack mats. Looking forward to seeing the quilt progress.

cq4fun said...

As always, even in the midst of turmoil, you manage to accomplish much.