August 16, 2016

Moira: Moved but not unpacked

I'm sure you've been wondering what it would take for me to not get any sewing done.........ummmm, a cross-country move would be the answer to that question.

It was an eventful move.........a mover that loaded the truck, well most of it and frustrated the heck out of me doing it, Trouble with the moving van, an accident (thankfully totally covered by the insurance I'd bought when renting teh moving van), rain that held off by about 3 hrs when the truck was being unloaded by friends from church here in Texas.....and so on.

And my critter (aka the car) is now in the shop needing some repairs, that thankfully did not hit until after I was here.  

Lots of boxes yet to unpack, but the bedroom is liveable and the kitchen is workable.  

The new job starts tomorrow morning and I'm looking forward to the work.    


Suztats said...

Hope your new job is a great fit! Nice to have friends help you unload. What?!! No sewing??!! LOL!!

ladyhawthorne said...

Glad you got safely moved and I hope you get some rest before starting work tomorrow.

cq4fun said...

So ... you don't sew just at the drop of a hat, eh? LOL

Cyra said...

I'm sure we can wait for the sewing machine to get unpacked, lol.
Glad you all arrived (mostly) safely. Good luck in your new home and your new job.
I hope you know which box the fabrics are in.

Judy S. said...

It takes a while to get settled, that's for sure. Best wishes in your new place~~~and job!

Moira said...

Ummmm, Cyra, it's boxes.....lots of boxes that the fabric is in. I actually do know where the totes with the projects that have to be done first are 'cause I had them in my car while traveling. I just need to unpack them and get to work on them. =)