August 2, 2016

Cyra ~ Mandala ~ The Games

Part 13 (of 18) is now complete on my Summers End Mandala Madness project.

The full 'thing' is shown here

and just these two ecru rounds were added since last week.

It's quite a mission to find quiet time to crochet on the the mandala. It really does need NO distractions while reading the pattern and counting counting counting.

Only five more parts to go, haha, but I shall be putting the Mandala in hibernation from this Friday, for a couple of weeks, because of The Games.
No I don't mean the 2016 Rio Olympics, 
I mean the Ravelry Ravellenic Games 2016
which is the YARNY FIBER equivalent of the Olympics, and will be on at the same time.
So far I have entered myself in 6 events and hope to complete them within the short time-frame of the games, and maybe some more as well We'll see how I get on with these 6 first.
I have joined TEAM PARTY for the games.

There are loads (and I mean LOADS) of different teams to join if you would like to add yourself to the fun.

There are medals for different events, and laurels awarded for different items and techniques.

So now I have my foot on the starting line and waiting for the opening ceremony to finish so that I can make a mad dash for the finish post.

I am so glad there are so many people just as mad as me in the fiber world.


Moira said...

Love that pop of red on the mandela! Can't wait to see what you make for the ravelry olympics. =)

cq4fun said...

Good luck in your own games! I love the look of this mandala. You could stop right now and it is gorgeous!

Judy S. said...

Your Mandela is awesome! I sure wish you weren't so far away as I could use some crochet advice! Will have to check out the ravelenics!

Suztats said...

Love Love Love your mandala! It's gorgeous! The games sound like a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy them.

lotta joy said...

In the late 60s, my brother taught me to knit after he came back from Viet Nam. He had it pretty bad and learned to knit to calm himself down. First thing I made was a sweater that made my daughter look lumpier than THE MICHELIN MAN.

Cheap yarn will do that.

I once won a contest with WOMEN'S DAY MAGAZINE for a shawl I made, but honey, I nearly had a nervous breakdown doing it. I'm ALWAYS in such a hurry.