August 30, 2016

Cyra - a Crochet motif, CQ embroidery, & craft room

Here's what I have been up to this past week.

I attended an online workshop by JThouse to learn how to make her motif called 'Dione'.
I played YARN CHICKEN with it .... and lostI ran out of thread just before the very last three picot edgings to the very last 'leaf'. 
How very annoyed I was (hah! I won't repeat here what I actually said).
But at least I now know how to make the motif.

 Embroidery on my Crazy Quilt block #8. 

Filling in details on some motifs.

Craft Room Organising

Since moving into our new home back in March, this room was 'earmarked' for my craft studio, and also as a spare tv lounge.
This part of the room is my sewing area. All my craft books will be on the bottom shelves, and then all my sewing equipment will be on the top shelves close at hand for my sewing/project table.
The three red stacked boxes on the floor on the left have more of my books yet to be unpacked, I hope they will all fit on the shelves ok.
I'm looking forward to having this place sorted soon so that I can plug in my sewing machine that I have not been able to use for well over a year now.
All this in the photo has been in storage all that time as well. Unpacking it is like Christmas and lots of birthdays all arrived at once and I am being reunited with long lost friends here too, lol.
I hope to have the table clear by next week and carry on sorting the other parts of this room, some of which will be the art & designing area. Lots more unpacking yet.

So that was my busy week.

Happy stitching


Suztats said...

Dione is very attractive, and your CQ motifs are filling in nicely. Have fun discovering more lost friends!

ladyhawthorne said...

I really like that dione piece, hope you make some more.
All the stitching is great and your room is wonderful, I wish I had one. By the time I move into my parents house I will have forgotten what is packed away in bins for now.

Judy S. said...

Yarn chicken is scary! So sorry you lost, but it looks like it came down to the wire. Hope you weren't holding your breath! Love your craft room. My stuff is scattered throughout several rooms and closets. Sigh. Your embroidery is beautiful! I wish we were close enough to crochet together; you could teach me lots!

Moira said...

Lovely work!

cq4fun said...

And busy it was, too! You must be so excited to get things out of limbo. I really like the sort of paisley/comma shapes you did. Might play some of that song myself. =)