August 16, 2016

Angela ~ Shirt Repairs

I finally got to sew something!   Repairs to a couple of shirts, modeled by my trusty manikin Anne Boleyn.

This plaid shirt got an asymmetrical redo. 

And this one received an easy patch repair.

Both had major holes worn through in the same place, the lower right side.
A friend has a rough spot on her kitchen counter tile that they have never been able to correct, therefore her shirts get holes in the same place.  She also finds it hard to find 100% cotton shirts in the style she likes at a price she can afford so I offered to repair hers.

For the plaid shirt I used a heavier cotton with the wrong side out to almost match the colors in the plaid.  The buttonholes in the shirt were also too large so the repair fixed that as I had to make new buttonholes through the new fabric overlay.

For the paisley I found one color locally that actually matched one of the colors in the shirt.  I would have preferred a purple but they all were really off in color.  I used a fancy stitch the sewing machine does to attach the patches to the fronts only.  Then I used the same stitch in 3 rows to stiffen up the front band as she had a problem with it being wimpy and gaping between the buttons.

Wait till you see the next shirt project!


Suztats said...

Nicely done, Angela! I really like the fix on the plaid one.

cq4fun said...

For some reason, I thought the aqua were going to be pockets. Great fixes. I love the name of your mannequin. =)

Moira said...

What a wonderful way to fix favorite shirts so that they can continue to be worn. I gotta remember these ideas.

Cyra said...

A very ingenious idea to make favourite shirts last a bit longer. Love your fixes, and I am looking forward to the next shirt project, you tease.

Judy S. said...

Very creative!