August 30, 2016

Angela ~ Not Sewing Crafts

No sewing yet but I have been busy.  2 days of jury duty, glad that's over.  I can finally de-stress and go back to normal even though I can't un-hear what I heard.

But today I'm working in the garden and I've been working on some inexpensive pendants for my Etsy shop.  These will be $18 which seems to be a good price point for actual sales.  I've sold a couple from the last batch I did two weeks ago so I think that's a good sign.

45 pieces ready for their soldering, they are wrapped in copper foil.  Except for the larger pocket icons, they are collage pieces which give them depth of character and make each one unique.  

I'm trying to build up the number of saints represented in my shop and this will help get me there.


Cyra said...

I love the variety of sizes you have made these pendants, and the colours are lovely. Nice to have so many different saints available in your shop. Good work.

Suztats said...

Oh, so many nice pendants! Sure hope they sell out as fast as you list them!

Judy S. said...

Kudos to you for serving on a jury! Love your pendants. They should be popular.

Moira said...

Nice work on the pendants. I hope they sell quickly for you!

cq4fun said...

Great pendants. You've been working hard, it seems to me.