August 23, 2016

Angela ~ No Sewing Yet

No sewing for me just yet.  I got called and picked for jury duty.  Maybe we will be done tomorrow but I'm guessing Wednesday.  

Say a prayer for me, this one is hard.


Cyra said...

Oh I do feel for you in your hour of need. I know how hard jury duty can be on you. I did a jury that lasted for over three weeks. That was a tough one too. I have absolutely no advice on how to 'get over' it though, and they tell you that you can't talk about it to anyone outside the courtroom.

Suztats said...

Sorry to hear about the jury duty. Can you take hand-stitching with you? I've never done jury duty before.

ladyhawthorne said...

Thankfully we were done Tuesday afternoon. It was hard to listen to the evidence and the witnesses and I hope I never have to be on a jury for this type of case ever again.

No, I could not take handwork with me. The only place I could have done any was in the jury room and we didn't spend much time there.