July 5, 2016

Susan: May CQJP2016

Finally! I forgot to take a picture of the bare block before I began stitching the tree. Too excited to have something to stitch at last, I suppose!

Here's the tree, taken with the flash. The fabric colors are pretty accurate, but the tree has too much flash on it.

And without the flash, you can see the tree better, but the fabrics are all wrong!

There's still much to be done on the tree - leaves and flowers or buds, something. But it was nice to spend hours and hours stitching the tree. That's 3 Valdani Perle 8: The shadowed side of the tree is color 126, a solid dark gray. The more golden color is JP 7, a variegated brown/gray to gold/orange. The lighest one is O 538, a variegated light gray to light gold. There is a cross-over color, but I'm not even sure which one, just that they blended in a few spots.


Suztats said...

This is a great beginning on your postcard. Love the tree.

Judy S. said...

Love your tree! And the rest of the block as well. The tree would be perfect to sleep under, especially after you give it leaves!

Cyra said...

What a fabulous tree, and I love how the shaded threads give a subtle variation for the tree bark.
Great to see another postcard block.
Happy stitching.

ladyhawthorne said...

What a wonderful postcard & verse. The tree so far is fabulous.

Moira said...

Great tree and start to this block! Love the use of the varigated thread for the tree, gives such wonderful texture to it.