July 12, 2016

Moira: busy week

Lots of stuff going on around here - a lot of my time has been spent on going through stuff around the apartment and condensing, sorting out, cleaning, etc.   Can't believe how many bags of stuff I've hauled out to the trash already and I know there is more to come over the next 4 weeks.

The biggest news is that I have received the formal job offer for the job that I interviewed for back in June when I was in Dallas Tx.   I will start working at the company on 8/16, and will leave Wyoming on the 10th.   Resignation was turned into school today and notice at the apt.........yikes, it's starting to become real.   Should be unloading on the 13th into some sort of a house if all goes well.   Thankfully I'm workign with a realtor this move to find a rental, and have friends that have said that they would be willing to check out any housing possibilities for me since I can't make a trip down there to see them myself before I get there on the 12th.    This move I've decided that I will be packing a couple of major projects with me in my car so that I don't lose them!  

One of the projects finished this past week was my final block entry for the block design contest that I've been entering.  Voting is going on FB at thsi point at this link - http://a.pgtb.me/MfCtTr/h5Cj1?w=36927840&e=130289515 .  

In between all of the cleaning (and soon to be packing!) I've been sewing because that is how I handle stress best!   Some of the things I've finished up this week - include more scrub tops including 2 featuring dinosaurs and one in a patriotic print.

Next up were three kitchen towels embellished with pieced strips.  Two blue ones (someone gave me the pieced strip, but can't remember who).   And then a green check one embellished with a strip that I got in a scrap bag while in Dallas this summer.

I also finished up more rows for my Row-by-Row quilt.   Have 7 rows completed so far.   One row (the bottom one) though will end up on the back of the quilt as my label because it doesn't fit with the rest of them.  Trying to decide which of the patterns I have left to add to the quilt.   I do have more being sent to me from Pennsylvania and one that Susan picked up for me in TN.   The latter will be in the quilt for sure.......   Am also thinking about doing a bit more shop-hopping this  week so I have more to choose from.....lol....

Next up was a zippered bag that I'm going to use to hold my cross-stitch to help carry it while traveling.  The pencil pouch I'd been using was too small to hold some of the kits I've got to make up, hence the need for a bigger one.    the fabric on the outside is a home dec (with the feathers) and a black quilting cotton.  Inside is a a black pre-quilted fabric from a scrap that I had laying around.  Added a couple of extra pockets to it so I'd have somewhere to put my needles and scissors.


ladyhawthorne said...

That's a great looking work bag, nicely done.
The row by row piece are wonderful and I like the vertical one, must be Dallas!
Cool towels and a very interesting new block.

Suztats said...

Your cross-stitch bag looks great, and I'm sure those pockets will be very handy. Another busy week with lots of progress. Hope the packing goes smoothly.

Moira said...

Actually the vertical one isn't Dallas. It is from a shop in Torrington Wyoming.

So far no packing - just a lot of sorting through purging. Altho am in the midst of packing up my closet 'cause those are clothes i don't need out at this point.

Judy S. said...

Nothing like a move to get you to pare down, eh? And haven't you just done it a while back? Love that row by row, especially the one with the deer and bear. What a fun idea. Good luck with the move!

desertskyquilts said...

I do like the pouch. That'll nicely confine things in one place. I really love the towels, too. We've already talked about the rows, and how great they look. ;)