July 5, 2016

Judy ~ I'm Back, Too!

It's been a crazy month as you can read about on my blog, but I did get a little knitting done.


Apparently Stella has decided headbands are OK as she's finally wearing the one I made at Christmas.  It's a tad large though, so I made her this one in her favorite color.

And this headband is made from leftovers from the one almost exactly like it that I did for Sophia, her older cousin.  I made both of these a bit narrower and snugger, however. (It's a quick and easy pattern!)

Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful, long weekend!  It will be interesting to see what this new month brings.  Happy July!


Suztats said...

So cute! I love the headbands, too. Thanks for the link.

desertskyquilts said...

Fun projects, quick and useful!

Cyra said...

Great to see the headbands.
My, doesn't time fly, I can't believe that baby Stella is now toddler Stella, she has grown so much (wasn't it only last month she was a little baby, lol).

ladyhawthorne said...

Happy girl! The headbands are really cute, I may need to check out that pattern.

Moira said...

great headbands! Such useful and lovely projects.

Judy S. said...

They are a quick project and don't require a whole lot of yarn. I've also played around with the widths; you just need the stitches across to equal two odd numbers for the twist and to maintain the knit, purl ribbing. They are fun to do!