July 19, 2016

Cyra - Mandala & a bit of stitching

  Summers End   crochet mandala.
3 rows added since last Sunday. One row of orange, two rows of yellow.
As this gets bigger it takes longer to complete one full round, hence only three rows rows done this week.
 It also takes a fair bit of concentration to follow the pattern (peace and quiet helps too, but there isn't much of this available at my home at the moment).

  Crazy Quilt Colour Journal  

Back on the Crazy Quilt Block
This block will predominantly read as lime green (I hope) and is number 8 of 12.

Basic stitches to these seams were done while I was travelling/living in caravan since selling our farm last year. Additions and embellishments have been added this week. The seams are not complete complete yet though.


ladyhawthorne said...

I like that orange and yellow coming off the blue on your mandala.

Nice selection of seams & embellishments for the lime green piece. I really like that spiral.

Judy S. said...

Your mandela is awesome! Would you believe I've picked up a crochet hook lately? Working on a snuggle sack for one of the GK, so wish me luck. One of these days I'll have something to post.

Barbara Curiel said...

Love the scallops on your mandala. It's a tantalizing photo of your piece, just showing the edge. I love all that green in your embellishments as well. You must have stitched in a lot of the memories of your travels into that block.

Suztats said...

The mandala keeps getting more and more beautiful! I love your colour choices and the undulating rows. It must be pretty big now, too. Very nice seam treatments on your green block. I think the top one must have been tricky to do to get it all looking so perfect. I like your motifs.

Cyra said...

Thank you Angela - The 'blue' is actually pure white in a badly lit photo, and yes, I like the spiral too, simple but effective.

Thanks Judy - hope to see some (or all) of your snuggle sack next week.

Thank you Barbara - I only showed the edge of the mandala this week because I only got 3 rows done, and the rest has been seen many times before.

Thanks Suz - the top seam treatment curves is only a running stitch in thin thread laced back and forth with a slightly thicker thread. I like how it ended up with that zig-zag curvy line, it looks planned, lol, but it was a complete surprise... a happy one none the less.