July 26, 2016

CQJP2016: May Block Seams and June Block

Seam 31: Inspired by a drawing on page 119 of the Carole Samples book.


Seam 32: Just something I like to do with feather stitches. Feather is my favorite stitch and I struggle not to use it on every seam. =) This one is randomly stitched. There will be beads later.


That represents more time that you care to think about, but a thing worth doing is worth doing. LOL

Here's the whole block, so far, with the bottom cut off, 'cause there's nothing down there anyway.


And here's the June block I sewed together on Saturday:


Judy S. said...

Pretty, pretty! Nice work. You always manage to get some stitching done.

ladyhawthorne said...

Looks wonderful and is certainly more stitching than I've done for quite some time. I love how one postcard talks about sleep and the next talks about the morning!

Barbara Curiel said...

Lovely stitches, seam 31 is especially nice. I think I partial to curved seams.

Suztats said...

Lovely seams. I like feather stitch, too.

Cyra said...

Such gorgeous seams again. And I love both of the postcards.